L-E-T-S---G-O! Let's Go! Let's Go!

Calvary Chapel Academy offers cheerleading. 

As Spirit Raisers, cheerleaders promote and spread school pride throughout the year. Leading up to game day, cheerleaders can plan and execute pep rallies, decorate hallways with banners and support the sports team playing that week. They will encourage fellow students to show their spirit by setting a good example of school pride themselves. On game day, their responsibility as spirit raisers should be more emphatic. When a touchdown is scored or a basket is made, they display their enthusiasm by waving poms, yelling, and celebrating.


Dribble… Dribble… P-A-S-S… S-H-O-O-T… SCORE!

Be a part of the on-court action that is EAGLE basketball! Get ready to work on basketball fundamentals and increase that knowledge during practices and games. Excitement abounds as athletes prepare for game day, not only to show physical and mental skills on the court, but, more importantly, to reflect the inner traits of true sportsmanship: integrity, self-discipline, cooperation, and humility. Show that EAGLE pride on the court! CCA Offers:

Boys Varsity Basketball

Boys JV Basketball

Boys Middle School Basketball

5-6 Boys Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Girls JV Basketball

Girls Middle School Basketball

5-6 Girls Basketball


K-I-C-K… K-I-C-K… K-I-C-K… Goal!

Get involved in soccer at CCA! These EAGLES will not only learn soccer fundamentals during the season, but they’ll also discover the value of working as a team while they develop cooperation, compromise, and flexibility. Show that EAGLE pride on the field! CCA offers:

Boys Varsity Soccer

Girls Varsity Soccer

Middle School Co-Ed Soccer

K-6 Co-Ed Soccer