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Calvary Chapel Academy’s athletic program offers a sport for your child to develop skills that will be important on and off the field, court, or in the pool.  We believe that athletics allows your child to develop character through teamwork and competition in both wins and losses.  Our coaches are committed to building character in their teams and in the athletes individually.  CCA offers swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball and flag football. 

Athletes and their parents must attend the informational meetings for fall, winter, and spring sports.  Please check the website for all meeting dates.  During these meetings, information related to the specific sport will be given. 

Athletes must turn in completed sports packets, which include the sport physical form before trying out for a team or attending practice.  For FALL SPORTS:  It is crucial that all sports packets be turned in before school begins in mid-August.

Please click the Sports Packet link on this page to access the entire packet.  An annual sports physical or statement by a medical doctor is required, certifying that the student is physically fit to participate in athletic competition.  The packet page includes the physical exam.

All athletic teams at Calvary Chapel Academy will stress sportsmanship and fair play.  Participation depends on the following:

  • Completion of the sports packet (available online)
  • Attendance at the pre-season meeting with coaches
  • Attendance at all tryouts and practices
  • Follow all rules of eligibility academically

Parent/Athlete – Meeting Dates

All parent/athlete meetings will take place from 6:30pm-8:00pm on a date established by the athletic director.

  • Fall Sports:
  • Winter Sports:
  • Spring Sports:


For further information contact:

Jeff DiPianta, Athletic Director –

Stacey Rosborough, Asst. Athletic Director –