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The administration of CCA believes that a school uniform dress code best serves the overall purpose and goals of the school, namely, focusing on Jesus Christ, and not on the student's outward appearance.

School uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately and be laundered on a regular basis.  Parents should make themselves aware of daily weather conditions to ensure students are dressed appropriately.  Non-uniform sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, or coats may only be worn outside (before school or during recess). Non-uniform clothing may not be worn in the classroom or during lunch. Solid teal, white, or black long-sleeved t-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts during cold weather.

It is required that all uniform tops and bottoms be purchased from All Uniform Wear so as not to deviate from the color choices, style, and fabric provided.

All Uniform Wear

4335 West New Haven Ave.

West Melbourne, FL 32904

Please be advised that students are not permitted to wear uniform items purchased from other sources.