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CULINARY ARTS-(7-8 Elective)

This course will cover an overview of basic cooking techniques including boiling, frying, grilling, etc.  The course will also cover knife skills as it relates to food preparation.  Other topics include the basics of measurement, cooking sanitation, and how different foods work together in the science of food.  This course will prepare you to cook basic dishes and provide a culinary foundation for more advanced cooking courses.  It will be a full year class where everyone will participate.

WOODSHOP-(7-8 Elective)

Students will learn all features and aspects of shop safety and appropriate shop environmental practices, proper handling and maintaining power tools, basic methods of planning, preparation, design, and application for fabricating an assigned project.  Students will learn basic drafting techniques as well as learn how to read and measure using a 12' tape measure.  They will assess and determine what tools and materials, application are required prior to beginning a project and will be responsible for proper clean up, storage, and maintenance of all wood shop tools, accessories, and the appearance of the work environment.

YEARBOOK/PHOTO OPS – (7-8 Elective)

In this elective, the students will have the opportunity to have fun as they take photos, design and gather information for CCA’s Yearbook.  This elective will provide instruction in yearbook production, event photography, and photo layout.  Students will learn about photo assembly and editing.  Everyone in class will have the opportunity to participate in beginning photography.