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Proverbs 9:9
“Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning”.
At CCA, we desire that our students flourish and thrive. To that end, we partner with parents to ensure your child has the scaffolding and support they need to reach their potential.
Our teachers strive to individualize and differentiate classroom instruction to meet the needs of every student. Additionally, teachers at CCA are ASCI certified and skilled in providing innovative classroom practices that recognize multiple intelligences and learning styles.
Our admissions team thoughtfully reviews all student applications. If your child has a medical diagnosis and requires additional classroom accommodations or academic intervention, our resource department is equipped to provide weekly small group push in and pull out services on an as-needed basis. Please note that a child is required to have documentation of a diagnosis provided by a physician, psychologist, neurologist, etc. to have a 504 plan and that CCA is not staffed to provide Brevard County Public Schools Tier two and Tier three interventions.
We understand you want the best education for your child and CCA is committed to providing the resources that will enrich and enhance your child’s learning experience and academic success.