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Transitioning from the elementary years to middle school can be very challenging.  Calvary Chapel Academy’s Middle School seeks to guide the student through this time in a safe and supportive environment while developing godly character in a loving Christian environment.  We offer our students many academic experiences while teaching God’s Word as the basis for applying it to all areas of the student’s life.  Our goal is to provide a quality, challenging academic program for each student while focusing on a Christian worldview. 

5th through 8th graders are required to be enrolled in eight classes each year.  In addition to required core subject courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, and History, students participate in Physical Education and Bible.  Electives are offered to students in Band, Chorus, Drama, Art, Computer, STEM, Yearbook, Culinary Arts, Woodshop, and Spanish.  It is our goal that our students are well-prepared to make a smooth transition through challenging coursework in middle school to the rigorous coursework of high school.

Many students in 7th and 8th grade take high school courses at CCA, and as a result, may earn up to four high school credit hours to be included in their high school credit requirements for graduation in the State of Florida:  Algebra I (FDOE 1200310), Geometry (FDOE 1206310), Physical Science (FDOE 2003310), Spanish I (FDOE 0708340).

As our students learn, they are provided a strong digital learning environment as we teach them to gather, evaluate, and use the information for learning, to conduct research, solve problems, and create original works, and to communicate and work collaboratively.   

Other features of our middle school program include: 

  • Biblical integration in every subject;
  • Experienced faculty to facilitate learning on an individual basis to meet the needs of the whole child;
  • Small group and individual tutoring sessions to further solidify mastery of concepts;
  • Mission trips and retreats designed to strengthen the student’s relationship with Christ;
  • Afternoon and morning clubs to enhance and enrich student interests (Gymnastic Club, Gaming Club, Sign Language Club, Tech Club, Art Club);
  • Weekly chapel sessions to provide a deeper knowledge of what it means to be a Christ follower;
  • Leadership opportunities through the National Junior Honor Society and volunteering.

We believe in partnering with our parents to act as a team to identify the needs of our middle school students so that they may reach their greatest potential in both an academic and spiritual sense so that they may become strong Christ followers.   


Jessica Collins

Assistant Head of School & Middle School Principal