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High School News

January 6, 2021 – Beginning in the Fall of 2021, Covenant Christian School will merge with Calvary Chapel Academy on the Melbourne campus.

“Over the years, CCA has shared a very symbiotic relationship with Covenant Christian School (CCS),” said CCA’s Head of School Tim Flay. “In addition to sharing academic insight and Christian education ministry vision, we have often shared information relative to resources, curriculum, policies, and procedures that help Christian education flourish in our county.”

Covenant Christian School has faced diverse challenges over the years, and in January of 2020 officially launched as an independent organization from Covenant Church. With the changes related to independence for CCS, leadership turned to research and financial modeling to find an economically viable option to house the Covenant Christian School. After extensive searching and discussion, senior leadership at both Covenant and Calvary believe embracing a merger of the two schools will strengthen each and preserve Christian high school education in Brevard County. 

“While my heart is heavy that this is our final year on this campus, I am thankful that God’s work will continue and that we can preserve a Christian high school option while providing for our elementary students as well,” said CCS Head of School Shannon Schrope. “Also, I am personally thankful that this option will allow many of our faculty members to continue to teach and work in a Christian school environment. We are working together with the leadership team at CCA to bring over as many CCS teachers and staff as possible.”

With the merger, Calvary extends to a Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade Christian Academy. Beginning in January 2021, families and faculty from Covenant will have the opportunity to participate in the admissions and interview process into CCA. 

“Throughout the remainder of this school year, Calvary and Covenant look toward what God has in store as we forge a partnership and learn one another’s school cultures,” said Flay.

“We are excited about the new possibilities that this opens for our students including elementary sports, new upper school athletic options, new electives, and more,” said Schrope. “But much will feel familiar, with many of the teachers you have come to love. The CCA administration is excited to work with us and to understand and maintain some of what makes CCS such a special place to learn and grow.”

The leadership at both Covenant and Calvary are committed to preserving Covenant Christian School’s legacy and providing Christian education for the community.

Calvary Chapel Academy is located at 2955 Minton Road in West Melbourne


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Calvary Chapel Academy (CCA) High School

CCA will be providing AP courses for high school students. We are currently working on which courses will be offered as we secure our teaching faculty for next year. Instructors of AP courses must go through specialized training provided by the College Board in order to be authorized to teach those courses. As our instructional staff is hired, and their credentials are reviewed, we will be adding to a list of AP courses we will offer. The courses we are looking to provide are within the English/language arts, math, science, and social studies subject areas.

CCA has always offered an advanced number of electives on our campus. We have offered classes in the Fine and Performing Arts (Visual Art, Band, Chorus, and Theatre Arts) that are not available elsewhere in Brevard County at any private or public school. We have also offered classes in Practical Arts (Culinary Arts, Computer, STEM,  and Wood Shop). As we look at our 7th through 12th grades, we are looking to offer even more electives to provide students the ability to discover and develop their gifts and talents.

CCA is working on developing our school course schedule for next year, but as we put together our plan, there are some essential aspects you should be aware of. All secondary students (5th through 12th grade) will have 8 courses per year. For high school, that means a student will have the opportunity to accumulate 32 credits on their final transcript, including 4 credits in Bible. Most public and private schools only attempt a total of 28 credits.

We are working to transition the DSP program so students from CCS who have already begun their coursework may continue, but CCA will be expanding honors, recognitions, and endorsements for students who look to excel academically or focus on a particular area of study as they prepare for collegiate acceptance and participation.

CCA is currently engaged in conversations with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and a variety of other sports affiliations in the state of Florida to be able to field a variety of athletic sports for boys and girls. We fully intend to offer all sports previously offered at CCS and CCA, as well as a few that will be new to both schools.

We are working with All Uniform Wear to provide uniforms for our entire school PreK-12. We are also developing a new logo and embracing new colors for CCA as we move into next year. For the 2021-2022 school year CCA will allow current CCA uniforms, current CCS uniforms, or the new CCA uniforms and uniform colors.

Shown below are CCA's course offerings for our 5th-12th grade students. *Please note that the offerings shown are not final, as changes may be made and more may be added at a later date. 

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Picture Day
September 9, 2021
Swag Friday
September 17, 2021

Swag Fridays are Fridays on which PreK-12th graders may dress in N.U.T. day apparel. For each Friday a student wishes to dress in N.U.T day apparel, he/she will pay $5.00 in cash and receive a sing...

N.U.T. Day
September 24, 2021

Free N.U.T. (no uniforms today) for all staff and students.