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What Others Are Saying About Calvary Chapel Academy:

"Our children, Rachel & Caleb Bryant, are good and successful students and young adults.  We are very proud of them. Rachel just graduated with a major in Political Science and a minor in History and a minor in Chinese a couple of weeks ago.  She was also awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award” in Political Science. This did not happen without many years of great education from some super teachers. Rachel left home for her college years at UNF, prepared, motivated and inspired. With high goals of a four year 4.0. She set out and met that goal and has graduated “Summa Cum Laude”. We would like to thank you for your part in her education. Thank you for teaching, challenging and encouraging her, May God richly bless you as you have poured into our children and so many others. She also married her college sweetheart this past December.  They are both currently working in Jacksonville, FL. With plans to move to DC after a few years of gaining work experience. Caleb is off in a few weeks to spend the summer in Tunisiaon the mission field, last summer was spent in Tajikistan.  He will graduate next summer with a degree in TSEL and plans to be a missionary. Again, THANK YOU!" 
~Robert & Arba Bryant


"Lincoln and I are both very happy with CCA! I appreciate everyone's efforts in making it a great place to be.
Mrs. Frederick is phenomenal. The school has exceeded all of my expectations and I have been telling everyone I know how great it is!!"
~ Theresa

"I am overjoyed and overwhelmed with nothing but love for the school. My eyes fill with tears of joy! This school is such a blessing. Both of Charlie's teachers are amazing!!! It's everything I thought it would be and so much more! Charlie has falling in love with her teachers! I can't even explain how much gratitude is in my heart. My daughter is learning so much educationally and spiritually. I'm fully aware of the open house and will be inviting my friends. Thank you so much for everything you do for my child and every child at the school on a daily basis. Always praying for all the teachers, faculty, and students!"
~ Jamie M.

"Tania is settling into her classes. So far we have been very pleased with her being at ease in school and in all of her classes. Thank you so much, because it was a huge decision for us as a family, but we believe that God has directed us clearly."
~ Judith

"My son is doing well and I am very grateful to God that He led us to this school. Eliel is very happy with school and gets along well with the teachers and other students. Yes, he is settled in and enjoys being in class.
I know that God has answered my prayers."
~ Rosa A.

"I have my child in Calvary Chapel Academy for several reasons which include warm, caring teachers and a great, positive atmosphere. I love how my son comes home singing worship songs he learned at chapel. I love that Calvary will be teaching them the same Godly principles that my husband and I teach at home instead of them going to a school where they will be learning worldly views and evolution. We’ve been attending Calvary Chapel Melbourne for almost nine years now and there is no doubt that Calvary will teach my kids how to do life right with Christ! This is priceless to me!
~ Andrea C.

“Based on the wonderful reputation of the school, I am excited for my student to be able to attend what is considered to be a prestigious Academy and a fine Christian establishment.”
~ Tianna P.

"We think Calvary's combination of academic and spiritual teaching is unmatched in the Melbourne area. We explored several Christian schools when trying to decide whether to move to the area. None of them had the same competence in BOTH of these requirements. We liked the fact that we wouldn't have to choose between a Christ-centered education OR sound academics. We are hoping Calvary continues to grow, as our new baby will also be school age in few years."
~ John H.

"CCA is an exceptional school with Christian values, which my four children learn about on a daily basis. I am so pleased with the teachers and the academics at CCA. It is such a wonderful balance, which prepared my son for high school this year! He is enrolled in all Honors classes in 9th grade. While at CCA, he earned three high school credits in Algebra 1, Geometry and Spanish. My children have made wonderful friendships and love attending the school. We have been very happy with the whole experience at CCA.”

~ Donna F.

"Our son is doing very well, has made new friends and loves his teacher. We noticed a big change in his learning, which makes us very happy. He is enjoying going to school, which is something he did not happen at his former school. Thanks once again for having our son at your beautiful school.”
~ Diego R.

"Our daughter is absolutely loving CCA! She is doing very well academically, making new friends and she just loves Mrs. Smith. She has even made the swim team!!"
~ Carla R.

"Our son is LOVING Calvary Chapel Academy! His teacher has made a huge impact on him already. We are seeing tremendous growth in his reading/language arts skills. That is a huge praise for us since we were not even sure he would pass that part of the first grade exam. He is sounding out words on his own and reading like a champ. Each day is a new boost to his confidence. I look forward to seeing even more growth in him as the year progresses. We have had many confirmations that this is where he is supposed to be.”
~ Allison W.

"Our kids are new to CCA this year and I received the best testimony to the change of my son this school year. He is HAPPY, CHEERFUL and RELAXED! My son and daughter absolutely love the school, teachers and academics, all while being taught the Word of God and getting to remain as CHILDREN. I thank God for this amazing opportunity for our kids to be part of CCA! Thank you teachers and faculty so very much!”
~ Heather C.

"My son graduated from CCA. He later attended Sante Fe Junior College where he received his AA degree and is now at Belmont University in Nashville, TN where he is studying Music Business with a minor in Audio Engineering. While at CCA, he was involved in the Praise and Worship Band playing drums, which gave him his start in actively pursuing music. He went on to high school where he became drumline captain. He was high honor roll in high school and on the Dean’s List every semester in college. He loved his time at CCA and was given such individual treatment. His love for the Lord grew here and has stayed with him ever since.”
~ Sandy S.

"My son attended CCA from Pre-K through 8th grade and is now in his sophomore year at Bayside High School in the Beta engineering program...... not to brag or anything :-) "
~ Stacey R.

"We are absolutely thrilled with CCA! Our granddaughter started there this year for the first time and in the three weeks she has been there, what a different child we have! She cannot wait to get to school each day. We had her in the public school last year and it was not a challenge for her. Last night she was walking around singing a song I had not heard about Jesus loving her. The prayers she says at night have also changed. Not just bless me and amen, but she is praying for other people and kids in her class and even prayed for the people who are going to buy our house! She really shocked us on that prayer as we had not even prayed that yet. The staff at CCA have such a loving heart. They care not only about the students, but their families too. Our daughter  was killed in a car accident last year and so many of the staff have prayed with us when the tears come. It is so nice on days that our granddaughter is missing her mom that we know her teacher will be praying with her. We had not even thought about putting her in this school, but after she went to Kingdom Rock this summer she asked to go there! God worked through our little child opening up the doors for her to attend CCA. The public schools do have Christian teachers in them who touch lives, but when you have your child in a Christian atmosphere all day, you will see a change that's so amazing. My husband and I recommend this school!!! God bless all the staff.
~ Gwen D.